• Moon Dreams and Other Psychic Secrets

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  • Using a dream journal to enhance your psychic skills

    Dreams form a natural gateway psychic awareness. I have mentioned previously that keeping a dream journal can help you remember your dreams. I strongly recommend that you also track your dreams using a moon calendar. For each entry into your dream journal, write down the phase of the moon as well as its sign.

    You will probably notice that your dreaming becomes more vivid at particular lunar phases. You may also observe that themes related to particular signs occur more frequently when the Moon is in those signs. You may have dream of battling foes or running a race when the Moon is in Aries, then find yourself lolling in a field of flowers with your sweetie when the Moon moves into Taurus.

    Dream Journal Tips

    Another great idea to make your dream journal a more powerful tool in enhancing your psychic skills is to sketch as well as write your dreams. If you recall particularly vivid images from a dream, draw them alongside a few sentences describing the story or characters of the dream. It does not matter if you are a natural at drawing anymore than you have to be a good writer to record your dreams. The important thing is that the action of writing and drawing helps increase your memory of your dreams and connects you more strongly to the world of non-mundane reality.

    To start your dream journal, give yourself the intention of remembering your dreams. Buy a new blank journal or notebook along with a new pen you will use only for your dream journal. Before going to sleep, light a candle, and hold your journal in your hand, speaking your intention to recall your dreams. If you have some on hand, you may wish to anoint the journal with a drop or two of your favorite essential oil.

    Eliminating Insomnia

    For those of you who have difficulty remembering your dreams, here are some suggestions:

    • Drink a cup of mugwort tea before bedtime. This herb has the ability to strengthen dream recall.
    • You can also use aromatherapy by making a mugwort and lavender sachet to put under your pillow or make an eye-pillow using these herbs along with some flax seed (if you make an eye pillow, remember to choose a fabric which feels soothing to your skin.)
    • Change your pre-bedtime routine. If you usually watching tv, texting with friends or playing games until you fall asleep, instead turn off the computer and phone. Spend some time listening to relaxing music and/or meditating.
    • Do not eat anything too close to bedtime. If your body is too busy digesting food, you may not fall into a deep enough sleep to have any dreams.
    • Avoid drinking either caffeinated beverages or alcohol within 2 hours before sleeping as these can interfere with sleep patterns.
    • If you have insomnia, try this yoga pose for falling asleep: sit on the floor near a wall, then pivot your pelvis to put your legs straight up the wall so that your sit bones also touch the wall an your body forms a 90 degree angle. Rest your head on a pillow and remain in this position for 5-15 minutes, taking slow, deep breaths.

    More Information

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    Stop Insomnia



  • The Great Psychic Animals

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  • Many animals have a special ability to predict future events with certainty, which has caught people’s attention. Such animals are considered as prophets. Psychic Octopus which rises to international fame during the FIFA World Cup 2010 has become the central subject and inspired people to discover other psychic animals.

    Psychic Octopus, known as Paul, was born in the UK and was moved to the German aquarium. He first displayed his psychic prowess during the 2008 European Football Championships. The octopus has succeeded in predicting all six of Germany’s games in South Africa including the team’s defeat by Spain. Paul is attracted by food in both boxes and climbs into small plastic bins to determine which team is going to win. Psychic octopus Paul correctly predicted Spain to beat Holland in the World Cup final. He caught attention of hundreds of journalists watching and commenting on each of his moves.

    Paul octopus predicted Spanish triumph.

    Spain won its first World Cup trophy

    Jim, which was born in Louisiana in 1925, was one of a litter of seven pups. It was to be trained as a hunting dog. The dog acquired a national reputation. Jim could perform as Van Arsdale did. In 1936, just before the World Series games played, Van Arsdale placed the dog two pieces of paper upon which the names of the teams had been written. His place on the slip bearing the word “Yankees” was then correct. The dog was also asked to forecast the winner of the U.S presidential race.

    Jim was just a plain black and white setter.

    A statue of the famous pooch sits at the center of the Jim the Wonder Dog.

    Mani, Singapore’s World Cup forecasting parakeet has become a local celebrity after its owner, M. Muniyappan, claimed Mani has accurately forecast four quarterfinal games and Spain’s semifinal victory over Germany in the World Cup 2010. The 13-year old bird creeps out of his small wooden cage and chooses between two cards hiding the flag of two teams.

    Mani, a 13-year-old parakeet, picks up a card with the flag of the Netherlands in Singapore’s Little India neighborhood. This animal dreams of being a psychic.

    The parakeet picks Netherlands as the World Cup winner.

    Oscar, the death cat, first caught great attention when Steere House Nursing and Rehabilitation Center in Providence, Rhode Island made an announcement that the cat has correctly predicted the death of twenty five patients. It predicted the patients’ deaths by snuggling alongside them in their final hours.

  • Our Review of AskNow Psychics

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  • Established in the year 1995, AskNow online psychic network website still continues to deliver the very best services for its clients. Since many psychic reading operations can turn out to be unreliable, it's good to know that this firm has managed to stay around for almost two decades. AskNow offers readings by telephone, online chat, and also offers access to advisers who can talk to you in Spanish! Psychic readers at AskNow can provide advice and guidance on all matters associated with your life, be it problems on marriage, property matters, job prospects, health or perhaps spirituality. Read on for more information, special offers to our visitors, and so much more!

    Psychic specialist at AskNow

    When you log in to AskNow site, you get the opportunity to search all the available psychic readers by specialty. You just have to pick the group which you are interested in and then take a look at that page to have more details about the psychic advisers. You could view some demo video clips and read customer testimonials as well. You'll actually know who you're speaking to before you start out!

    You can also see if a specific psychic reader is available at the moment, and if that adviser is busy, you could ask for he or she to call you back. You could likewise schedule a meeting if that happens to be your preference.

    How does AskNow choose its psychics? Before getting themselves authorized here, the psychic advisers must proceed through an intensive selection process. Only a select few psychics make it to joining AskNow, and those who do have been "screened, scrutinized, and tested". Isnt that great news?

    Customer incentives

    AskNow is always offering special deals, usually to new customers. Moreover, visiting AskNow website through our link will entail you for a special deal where you just have to shell out $10 for 15 minute session. Of course, once you're a loyal customer you could sign up for the AskNow e-newsletter and get fantastic deals delivered right to your inbox.

    Psychic readers at AskNow also post informative content pieces on matters like past life, relationship tips and such things as that. Such article posts may be viewed at AskNow.com blog. This blog web page continues to enjoy a massive number of followers because the posts keep them engaged.

    It's simple to reach out to AskNow with support service requests. You could choose to send a message via electronic mail or even by standard mail. You could call them directly over the telephone as well. Should you ever find yourself unconvinced with a psychic reading, get in touch with customer support and they'll provide help to work everything out. Credit points are also awarded for regular clients. They can get 10 minute session on the house.

    The Website Experience

    AskNow.com is a simple site that offers an effortless browsing experience. You will not find any trouble in picking the psychic reader that you require, especially if you follow this comprehensive guide. There are no loud pop-ups to disturb you. From our personal experience, we can assure that you would find it really easy to navigate this site. Just about every Asknow Review cites this superb web experience.

    Final Thoughts

    AskNow offers a fantastic service at a very reasonable price. AskNow website offers excellent client service to make certain that all their clients are fully satisfied. The incentives provided to new customers are quite attractive too. We highly recommend AskNow site for all those individuals that are new to the world of psychic reading.

  • Being a Psychic Medium

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  • tarotcards

    Mediums have a unique gift and are able to connect with spirits and psychic energy beyond their own.

    Known over the years as spiritualism, mediumship and more currently called channelling, it is an intriguing concept that continues to draw interest (as well as scepticism). What is a Medium?

    Tarot Cards - Psychic Readings

    The word has so many mystical connotations, you may not even truly understand what a medium is. Basically, it is someone who is able to communicate with the spirit world.

    When a medium channels a spirit, it is very often during a trance state and they don't usually remember the details of the messages being conveyed through them. Many will work with a partner or assistant to help record that happens during a session. Mediums don't always receive their spiritual messages in the most conventional ways. Some can hear voices, some may see images, and the technique of "automatic writing" where the medium uses pen and paper to create messages in written form.

    Mediums can make contact with any number of spirits, including non-human spirit guides, angels and also the spirits of the deceased. Developing Your Own Clairvoyant Skills

    Though being a medium is a gift that people are born with, that doesn't mean you can't help to develop the skill on your own. Natural abilities make it easier but a few good techniques can help you open up your mind to these spiritual messages.

    There is no single path to developing mediumship skills and you may need to try a few different techniques before you start to see any successes. Just be very patient and accept that this can be a long-term goal rather than a weekend project.

    The first step is to learn how to open up your thoughts to be receptive to otherworldly impressions. Meditation is typically the best approach to getting to this stage. A details account on how to learn good meditation skills is too long to include here, but the basic technique is to clear your mind and regulate your breathing. With enough practice, you can let go of your Earthly awareness and open your mind to other levels of consciousness. It's here that you can possibly communicate with spirit beings of many kinds.

    Ask for spirits to come forward, or ask for a spirit guide to make itself known to you. From there, you can build relationships and start to hear what you need to hear. Life as a Medium

    Many people are born with these gifts and actually have to take steps to learn how to suppress the constant spirit contact as it can be quite distracting to hear or see things during everyday activities. If you have to consciously open up your mind to make contact, then this probably won't be a problem but if you begin to stay attune to the spirit world without intent, you'll need to learn how to quiet the noise and block out the messages.

    Sometimes messages can be disturbing or painful, or even just confusing. That is the nature of psychic mediums whether you like it or not. You probably won't hear long and detailed conversations like you might expect from watching too many movies. Messages can be brief, obscure and very hard to understand. It can take further experience and practice to learn how to facilitate better contacts. And even then, spirits aren't always that clear with what they need to say. Working with a Medium

    Besides growing your own psychic reading skills, you may prefer to work with another medium when you are looking to make contact with a spirit. The most common time you would want to work with a medium is when you are hoping to hear something from a recently departed loved one.

    Personal recommendations are always great if you want to find a truly authentic and skilled medium, but many people aren't going to know anyone who knows anyone. It's not like finding a good plumber. When you do have a few sessions with a medium, do not blindly accept everything that is presented to you. If you are hoping to connect with a loved one, don't hesitate to ask for proof by asking questions that only that person would know. Spirits don't always answer concisely in a Q&A format so this doesn't always help, but you can still make the attempt.

    If you are lucky enough to be born with these psychic skills or are able to develop them with success, there are untold messages to be gleaned from the spirit world. You may hear from the dead, or even receive further wisdom from other beings that reside on that plane.

  • Welcome to The Nurse’s Office…

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  • The path of learning, self-awareness and health is before you. As nurses, we recognize the deep connections between body, mind and spirit. Nursing has always been about the diagnosis and treatment of the human response…to illness…to injury…to stress.

    Nurses spend time…listening to your concerns…answering your questions…recommending healthy habits. Your daily patterns—the way you eat, sleep, work and play—all have a powerful influence on your health. Nurse midwives spend time…discussing the changes of pregnancy…attending and celebrating childbirth…caring for women through the life cycle. Your patterns in adapting to life’s challenges also have a powerful influence on your health.

    Nurses care…about the effect of stress on your body. Nurses see…the way dis-ease relates to disease. Nurses teach…to help you walk the path toward health.