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Mediums have a unique gift and are able to connect with spirits and psychic energy beyond their own.

Known over the years as spiritualism, mediumship and more currently called channelling, it is an intriguing concept that continues to draw interest (as well as scepticism). What is a Medium?

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The word has so many mystical connotations, you may not even truly understand what a medium is. Basically, it is someone who is able to communicate with the spirit world.

When a medium channels a spirit, it is very often during a trance state and they don't usually remember the details of the messages being conveyed through them. Many will work with a partner or assistant to help record that happens during a session. Mediums don't always receive their spiritual messages in the most conventional ways. Some can hear voices, some may see images, and the technique of "automatic writing" where the medium uses pen and paper to create messages in written form.

Mediums can make contact with any number of spirits, including non-human spirit guides, angels and also the spirits of the deceased. Developing Your Own Clairvoyant Skills

Though being a medium is a gift that people are born with, that doesn't mean you can't help to develop the skill on your own. Natural abilities make it easier but a few good techniques can help you open up your mind to these spiritual messages.

There is no single path to developing mediumship skills and you may need to try a few different techniques before you start to see any successes. Just be very patient and accept that this can be a long-term goal rather than a weekend project.

The first step is to learn how to open up your thoughts to be receptive to otherworldly impressions. Meditation is typically the best approach to getting to this stage. A details account on how to learn good meditation skills is too long to include here, but the basic technique is to clear your mind and regulate your breathing. With enough practice, you can let go of your Earthly awareness and open your mind to other levels of consciousness. It's here that you can possibly communicate with spirit beings of many kinds.

Ask for spirits to come forward, or ask for a spirit guide to make itself known to you. From there, you can build relationships and start to hear what you need to hear. Life as a Medium

Many people are born with these gifts and actually have to take steps to learn how to suppress the constant spirit contact as it can be quite distracting to hear or see things during everyday activities. If you have to consciously open up your mind to make contact, then this probably won't be a problem but if you begin to stay attune to the spirit world without intent, you'll need to learn how to quiet the noise and block out the messages.

Sometimes messages can be disturbing or painful, or even just confusing. That is the nature of psychic mediums whether you like it or not. You probably won't hear long and detailed conversations like you might expect from watching too many movies. Messages can be brief, obscure and very hard to understand. It can take further experience and practice to learn how to facilitate better contacts. And even then, spirits aren't always that clear with what they need to say. Working with a Medium

Besides growing your own psychic reading skills, you may prefer to work with another medium when you are looking to make contact with a spirit. The most common time you would want to work with a medium is when you are hoping to hear something from a recently departed loved one.

Personal recommendations are always great if you want to find a truly authentic and skilled medium, but many people aren't going to know anyone who knows anyone. It's not like finding a good plumber. When you do have a few sessions with a medium, do not blindly accept everything that is presented to you. If you are hoping to connect with a loved one, don't hesitate to ask for proof by asking questions that only that person would know. Spirits don't always answer concisely in a Q&A format so this doesn't always help, but you can still make the attempt.

If you are lucky enough to be born with these psychic skills or are able to develop them with success, there are untold messages to be gleaned from the spirit world. You may hear from the dead, or even receive further wisdom from other beings that reside on that plane.