Psychic Readings · 2016-05-25 · thenurse

Many animals have a special ability to predict future events with certainty, which has caught people’s attention. Such animals are considered as prophets. Psychic Octopus which rises to international fame during the FIFA World Cup 2010 has become the central subject and inspired people to discover other psychic animals.

Psychic Octopus, known as Paul, was born in the UK and was moved to the German aquarium. He first displayed his psychic prowess during the 2008 European Football Championships. The octopus has succeeded in predicting all six of Germany’s games in South Africa including the team’s defeat by Spain. Paul is attracted by food in both boxes and climbs into small plastic bins to determine which team is going to win. Psychic octopus Paul correctly predicted Spain to beat Holland in the World Cup final. He caught attention of hundreds of journalists watching and commenting on each of his moves.

Paul octopus predicted Spanish triumph.

Spain won its first World Cup trophy

Jim, which was born in Louisiana in 1925, was one of a litter of seven pups. It was to be trained as a hunting dog. The dog acquired a national reputation. Jim could perform as Van Arsdale did. In 1936, just before the World Series games played, Van Arsdale placed the dog two pieces of paper upon which the names of the teams had been written. His place on the slip bearing the word “Yankees” was then correct. The dog was also asked to forecast the winner of the U.S presidential race.

Jim was just a plain black and white setter.

A statue of the famous pooch sits at the center of the Jim the Wonder Dog.

Mani, Singapore’s World Cup forecasting parakeet has become a local celebrity after its owner, M. Muniyappan, claimed Mani has accurately forecast four quarterfinal games and Spain’s semifinal victory over Germany in the World Cup 2010. The 13-year old bird creeps out of his small wooden cage and chooses between two cards hiding the flag of two teams.

Mani, a 13-year-old parakeet, picks up a card with the flag of the Netherlands in Singapore’s Little India neighborhood. This animal dreams of being a psychic.

The parakeet picks Netherlands as the World Cup winner.

Oscar, the death cat, first caught great attention when Steere House Nursing and Rehabilitation Center in Providence, Rhode Island made an announcement that the cat has correctly predicted the death of twenty five patients. It predicted the patients’ deaths by snuggling alongside them in their final hours.