Uncategorized · 2015-11-03 · thenurse

The path of learning, self-awareness and health is before you. As nurses, we recognize the deep connections between body, mind and spirit. Nursing has always been about the diagnosis and treatment of the human response…to illness…to injury…to stress.

Nurses spend time…listening to your concerns…answering your questions…recommending healthy habits. Your daily patterns—the way you eat, sleep, work and play—all have a powerful influence on your health. Nurse midwives spend time…discussing the changes of pregnancy…attending and celebrating childbirth…caring for women through the life cycle. Your patterns in adapting to life’s challenges also have a powerful influence on your health.

Nurses care…about the effect of stress on your body. Nurses see…the way dis-ease relates to disease. Nurses teach…to help you walk the path toward health.